The Owners.

BNZE Founder & Owner Brooklyn Amenze - Does BNZE make sense now?

What made me create BNZE? 

Loving fashion myself and purchasing from many brands such as Cole Buxton & Represent which also had a heavy influence on our own, I noticed that certain things weren’t executed correctly for a certain consumer like me, I saw how a specific demographic was targeted and how you had to  live and maintain a certain lifestyle to keep up with their brands.

So me being me, i said to myself, “if I can’t find a specific garment for a certain price? I’ll just make it myself.” This is what led to our most iconic garment, the Knitted Flared Sweatpants. Heavily inspired by the Cole Buxton Knit Sweatpant, I saw how unique the garment was but also how expensive it was for what it is, so I decided to make my own version, only for a fraction of the price. 
When naming the brand the first thought to my mind was that I couldn’t be anything Y2K. I rather learnt that it was the message behind the brand that was more important than the name. So I simply remixed my first and second name and created BNZE.

My Relationship with Jesus Christ is what I knew I had to build the brand around, it was at a time where my Faith was so strong due to me really opening my eyes to his Grace. If I was going to really do this brand thing? It had to be through Jesus.

I ran the brand solo for the first Few months learning and making my own way of doing things, believe it or not the voiceover videos that everyone knows and loves, was heavily inspired by Trikko, another brand who blew up through tiktok videos with AI voiceovers. I knew that to make the brand as authentic as possible that I’d just have to be me.

As things started to escalate and I saw the potential of what the brand could be, I knew my long time Close Friend since Yr 7 Noel Milburn & older Sister Sharon Amenze had to be on this journey with me. You can see their stores on the menu tab “More About Us” but just know they are as invested and committed to the brand as much as I am. 

If there’s one thing we aim to achieve from this brand?

To answer the question of “Who said you can’t mix Fashion With Faith?”.

Regardless of whatever the outcome is, it was all Powered By His Grace.